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Marmaris Bodrum Marmaris

Private Yacht Charter Blue Cruise Route

15 Days 14 Nights
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Marmaris Bodrum Marmaris Route Itinerary Map

Marmaris Bodrum Marmaris Blue Cruise Itinerary

DAY 1: Marmaris
When all members of your group have arrived the skipper will welcome you with a cocktail and answer any questions you may have about the trip. For your first night on board we'll stay in the harbour so that you may get acquainted at leisure with lively Marmaris.

DAY 2: Serce Bay
After breakfast, sailing to Serce Bay where you will enjoy the sun and the sea and relax. Day ends at Serce Bay with a delicious dinner.

DAY 3: Palamut Buku and Knidos
Early in the morning start to engine to Palamutbuku, where you can enjoy turquoise water. You will find typical village houses, some small pensions and also summer houses along the beautiful beach of Palamutbuku. If you like, you may have a swim and have a walk in the long beach through the trees. After lunch, we will cruise to the last stop of the day; Knidos archaic city, one of the six cities of Dorian Hexapolis. Knidosians were ahead of their time especially at science, art and architecture and has left several works of art up today. The sun clock of Eudoksos can be visited. Knydos which has hosted the famous Aphrodite statue in archaic times had been the stop for sailors and Arab merchants. You can have a walk at the beach to see the remains, visit archaic theatre or enjoy the sun and the sea. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Knidos.

DAY 4: Bodrum
This morning, after breakfast we start cruise towards Bodrum. Guests wishing to see more of Bodrum are recommended to go to the city centre and experience the lively night life. Shopping around the town is a very pleasant way of spending the day and the nightlife of Bodrum is lively with its bars, discos and restaurants bringing people together. Bodrum is a lovely picturesque town on the southwest Aegean coast of Turkey. The Mediterranean style white houses with purple bougainvilleas and the massive Castle of the Knights of Saint John attracts the visitors. The city was called Halicarnassus in the ancient times and was housing the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Overnight at Bodrum municipal marina.

DAY 5: Kara Island and Orak Island
After breakfast cruising to Karaada, the little island in front of Bodrum, which offers beautiful turquoise coloured water. Lunch and swim in a lovely bay called Poyraz in Karaada. Our next destination will be Orak Island, which reminds an endless aquarium with sparkling turquoise waters and where we will have our dinner and overnight stay.

DAY6: Cokertme Bay
Sail towards to the Cokertme Bay where you may meet friendly Turkish locals. Dinner and an overnight stay will be at one of those wonderful bays.

DAY 7: English Harbour and Longoz Bay
After breakfast sail to the Ingiliz Bay. A small creek on the west side of this bay is called Ingiliz Limani (English Harbour). This name is derived from the Second World War, where English torpedo boats hid in this cove. You will have time for swimming and snorkelling through plenty of pine-clad secluded small bays. After lunch we sail to the marvellous natural harbour of Longoz. Dinner and overnight at Longoz.

DAY 8: Tuzla Bay and Seven Islands
Leaving English Harbour after breakfast we cruise to Tuzla bay. Snorkelling, sunbathing, some fishing, swimming. After lunch we move to Seven Islands with its coral reefs. You can spend the rest of the day by taking a walk through the pine forest. A quit night with dinner.

DAY 9: Mersincik Bay and Inceburun
After breakfast sail towards to the Mersincik bay where you’ll enjoy the sun and the sea. Next stop will be Inceburun. You may have a swim and a walk in the long beach through the trees. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Inceburun.

DAY 10: Datca Aktur and Bencik Bay
After having our breakfast, we will cruise to Datca Aktur bay. After lots of swimming and lunch at Aktur we’ll move to Bencik bay. It is a hidden heaven, located in the narrowest point where Hisaronu Gulf and Gokova Gulf were separated in Datca peninsula. Bencik Bay has a very narrow entrance but a unique view once you get inside. According to Heredot; in 550 B.C. Persians were at Datcha peninsula with an army commanded by Harpagos. The Cnidus people wanted to dig a tunnel in the narrowest land piece of the peninsula between the Hisaronu Gulf and the Gokova Gulf as a defence line against the Persians. That way they would make two peninsulas into one island, thus reinforcing their defence. They started with diligence and put in a lot of effort. However, in the end they could not manage to complete the task and the city was conquered by the Persians. Dinner and overnight stay at Bencik bay.

DAY 11: Orhaniye Bay and Selimiye Bay
After breakfast we will move to Orhaniye bay. On the way stop for swimming at Emel Sayın bay, named after a famous Turkish singer. Lunch will be in Orhaniye, where there is a special formation created by the tide. It is named as Kizkumu (Maiden's Beach). There are several myths about this reddish sand-path going from the shore to the inner parts of the sea. There is a belief that; the wishes of who walks on this sand may become true. Afterwards we will be heading to Selimiye bay. Selimiye has a natural lagoon which is the spawning ground of many fish in the Aegean. There are also many hidden inlets in the area. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Selimiye.

DAY 12: Bozburun
Waking up in a wonderful bay. After having breakfast in Selimiye, our new route will be to Dirsek Buku Bay. You can enjoy swimming and lunch here. Then we will go to Bozburun, which is a small fishermen's town. Gullet type boat production is very common in these days in Bozburun while sponge diving was in old times. The people used to collect sponges but as they now consider it to be too dangerous, so now they work in boat building and they are famous for the yachts they have built. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Bozburun.

DAY 13: Bozukkale
After breakfast sail to the Bozukkale. Till dinner time we will have enough time to explore the turquoise blue waters of this area. Dinner and overnight will be at this wonderful place.

DAY 14: Cape Kadirga and Paradise Island
After breakfast sail to the Kadırga bay for some last swimming and lunch. Afterwards we will move to Paradise Island, surrounded by pine forests and then dock to the Marmaris Marina for dinner and overnight.

DAY 15: Marmaris
Disembarkation after breakfast in Marmaris.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cruise itineraries are given as a general guide only and may have to be changed without prior notice and are dependent on weather and docking conditions. Your captain has the final say.

* Depending on sea and weather conditions, your captain may change the tour itinerary to ensure your safety and comfort.

* On our regular cabin charters, full board meal service on board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and starts with dinner on the embarkation date and ends with breakfast on the disembarkation date. All soft and alcoholical drinks are extra. Embarkation time is around 16:00 pm and disembarkation time is after breakfast around 10:00 am.

* Whole optional tours and excursions during your voyage are at additional charge.

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